WHO SELLS is a 100% Kiwi owned New Zealand based online business directory which helps consumers find local businesses by searching for specific products or services. Businesses register online and can then start listing their businesses on WHO SELLS. WHO SELLS has several listing packages starting at $11.99 per year.

WHO SELLS offers the following services which are included in the package costs:

  1. WHO SELLS online business listing (a business contacts WHO SELLS and we will list their business for them)
  2. Self-service online portal (once a business registers online and has listed on WHO SELLS they may access their CONTROL PANEL any time and manage their listing/listings accordingly)
  3. A business can create SPECIAL OFFERS and/or EVENTS (specials on products, discounts and upcoming events)



   ·       detailed products/services

   ·       business special offers

   ·       business special events

   ·       online portal CONTROL PANEL


Businesses can log in any time and change their keywords, products, services and add special offers and events as often as they like.


Most often consumer’s type into Google “who sells...., where can I get...., where can I buy...., I need a....”

This searches the World Wide Web and produces hundreds, if not thousands, of results, some even irrelevant to the search.

Why pay hundreds of dollars for your current directory listing which limits you to a few dozen products or services or pay a listing fee/commission for each product listed or sold. List your business and products/services, including pricing, with WHO SELLS and include special offers/events as often as you like via your very own CONTROL PANEL. 

See Packages details for more details.


Search for your business, perhaps we have already listed your business and you simply need to CLAIM it.


“In New Zealand, the consumer market has already made a significant shift to the internet – consumers search, connect and share online more than ever before.” 


“The World Internet Project New Zealand, which surveyed over 1150 New Zealanders, found that 86% are using the internet and 72% make purchases online”


 “47% of businesses in NZ don't have any kind of online presence”

  MYOB Business Monitor Report