Frequently asked questions on WHO SELLS business directory

Q1: Will my business be ranked higher in the search results if I have a higher paid package??

Answer: Yes, the higher your package is the higher your business will rank in the WHO SELLS search results.


Q2: What does it cost to list my business with WHO SELLS?

Answer: WHO SELLS has several packages available to suit every businesses needs, see List your business for more details.


Q3: Can I list all my products with pricing?

Answer: Each business has up to 3000 characters in the description field to list whatever they like. Each business also has up to 150 characters to use for KEYWORDS (up to 100 products/services).


Q4: How can I ensure that my business shows up in the search?

Answer: By inserting the correct and relevant keywords in the KEYWORDS section. Consumers will finda product/service listed under your listing.


Q5: Do I have to pay any additional fees if I require WHO SELLS to list my business for me?

Answer: No, WHO SELLS will list your business for FREE. The business simply needs to complete a template with all the relevant information and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Q6: How often can I change and add special offers and events?

Answer: As often as you like. Each business has login access to their own CONTROL PANEL where they can add/change their listing/s as often as they like.


Q7: How do special offers and events work?

Answer: Special offers and events each have their own page, Special offers, Business events. Each business can create special offers and events as often as they like by accessing their CONTROL PANEL. The special offers and events pages will be frequently visited by consumers on the lookout for SPECIALS!.


Q8: What are KEYWORDS, what are they used for and why are they important?

Answer: KEYWORDS are words that describe the businesses products/services they sell/offer. These words can be detailed products or product descriptions or can be generic words relating to specific products/services. KEYWORDS are used in the search module by consumers/buyers to find your business. KEYWORDS are important in the sense that the more detailed and relevant they are to a businesses products/services the more likely consumers/buyers will find your business. If a business sells multiple products then it recommended that the business lists all these products in the KEYWORDS field. Keywords will help consumers finda product or service on WHO SELLS.


Q9: Can I upgrade to a higher package before the 12 months runs out?

Answer: Yes, the costs are calculated on a monthly basis and you will be credited for the remaining months and those funds will be deducted from the newer package costs. The new package costs will be calculated pro-rata for the remaining months of the 12 month contract. The contract will then continue to run for the remainder of the 12 months.


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