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15 Peters Way, Silverdale, Auckland

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CrazyDeal is a highly successful online shop in New Zealand. We stock thousands of quality items in our big warehouse. Because we import direct from Asia's best manufacturers, then sell direct to the public, there is no middle man. That lets us drop prices to 30% to 80% below what you pay in stores.


New Zealand residents told us and we heard loud and clear. They can't find interesting products in shops. We've stepped up to bring New Zealand residents a vast selection of everything you need to make online shopping rewarding and enjoyable.


We have been exporting quality items for almost 9 years. We started importing costume jewelry for sale in local shops. Then we grew to offer thousands of items in a very wide range of categories. Today we operate from a large warehouse and office with the help of 8 passionate employees.



CrazyDeal makes customer service number one! 98% of orders ship the next day for quick delivery. Generous 365 day change of mind policy. No wonder over 80,000 New Zealand customers have happily purchased from us!


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