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Browns Bay, Browns Bay, Auckland

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Permeable paving surfaces enable water to pass through the paving materials. The term “permeable paving” is often used for paved surfaced in which water passes through, or “permeates,” the space between the paving materials (often paving blocks or stones), as well as for surfaces paved with porous materials (such as gravel) in which water permeates the paving material itself.

Permeable paving surfaces, unlike traditional paved surfaces, prevent the build-up of puddles or, in cool climates, ice patches that can be hazardous to pedestrian or motor traffic. Additionally, permeable paving surfaces reduce water run-off, ultimately lessening the burden of water flowing through antiquated city storm water systems that are often ill-equipped to handle present run-off volumes. Permeable paving systems are also friendlier to the environment. They allow water and air to reach trees and plants that form part of a permeable paving project. Also, pollutants are able to settle in the soil or surface beneath the paved area, rather than being carried away by run-off into our sewers and, ultimately, our waterways.

At MPS, we offer numerous permeable paving solutions, including FlowStone™, which uses a specifically sized aggregate that results in a paving system that is fantastically permeable and SuperStone, which was recently used to provide a fully permeable car park surface in leafy Wesley College Campus to protect the native established trees and flora.


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