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Todd Chaplin (+)

Paraparaumu Wellington

Crafted From Nature

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Enchant yourself and those around with you with the sonorous sounds of a hand-crafted wooden flute by Southern Cross Flutes. The Native American Style Flutes that I craft are played by many people, for many purposes.

Some play for heartfelt expressions or musical outburst; some for the deep resonating tones that soften the mind and bring peace, and some play for the healing and well-being of others. Southern Cross Flutes can tailor a flute fit for your purpose and fluting desires.

Whatever the reason, these flutes move the heart and mind. They are a soulful instrument, the tones connect deep within and take you on a mystical journey.

The name Southern Cross Flutes came about after many a night stargazing, and wondering why the first thing I saw when I looked up into the sky was the Southern Cross. I almost felt instinctively drawn to its location in the night sky, and this star-ward gazing would bring about a similar peace an


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