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6 Gerald Connolly Pl, Christchurch, Canterbury

Showing food at its best

General info

Festivé offers the most extensive range of food display cabinets on the market; including colour powder coating and stainless steel finishes; curved and flat glass fronts; and serve-over, countertop and drop-in cabinets. Also offered are joinery solutions that integrate with cabinets, as well as a customisation capability that allows the build of products that meet specific customer needs.

Design & Innovation

Festivé leads the industry with its innovative design and technology. All cabinets have been designed to minimise frame and maximise glass, ensuring customers can view more of the product inside and that food is shown off at its absolute best. Leading technical innovations include:

  • The MiniTek compact refrigeration system, developed to provide a unique countertop cabinet that simply sits on the bench and requires no joinery cut-outs, pipework or plumbing.
  • The SureVap technology deals with condensate drainage as part of the refrigeration system, leaving no need to empty buckets or drain condensate to waste outlets.
  • The DuraCoat system, developed specially for Festivé, provides a protective coating over the refrigeration coils to prevent food acid corrosion and ensure long-life operation.
  • The GoldenGlow lighting system in heated countertop cabinets ‘goldens’ the look of pastry items to enhance display of the product.

Festivé continues to invest heavily in R&D to bring exciting new products to market.


Festivé has leading capability for the design and manufacture of custom cabinet solutions. Experience in this area allows the Company to produce cabinets that meet the specific needs of customers.


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